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We have been taking small exclusive groups of trail bike riders into off road heaven since 2011; guaranteeing a thrilling and thoroughly enjoyable dirt biking experience for novice and expert off roaders alike.

You will be met by one of our experienced off road tour guides who have been riding local trails for many years and who will be on hand to make sure you get the best off road motorcycle experience money can buy!

We do not mix groups for bookings of 6 riders and above, so if you and your mates book an off road trail tour with us, it will be just you and your mates on YOUR tour! This enables us to tailor your trail tour to meet your requirements & needs and not those of a large group of mixed ability riders.

We are run as a legal Spanish entity, registered with the Junta de Andalucia, who regulate all Tourism and Environmental businesses.


We are proud to be one of the few business to hold a valid Turismo Activo (AT/MA/00175) and Environmental (TA/28-2017) licence


So make sure when you are booking to ride here in Spain that the Company is fully licenced & registered.

When you are riding with a group of 6 to 8 riders, we will operate the trail tour with two guides – one at the back acting as a sweeper and the other up front guiding. This ensures that all riders have the best dirt biking time with us!

We are not ex-racers or even budding racers - but are just ordinary people who thoroughly enjoy and are completely fanatical about riding dirt bikes.


We just want to share our experiences of riding off road in Spain with you and we guarantee you a memorable exhilarating day’s off road riding, and... you will certainly be left wanting more!

Meet the Team


The Boss

Kevin is the co-founder of LetsRide Spain, having hung up his tie in the UK and escaped to a life of dirt biking, oil and tyre changes. Favourite items include San Miguel, Chilli crisps, Brandy and anything with KTM on it.



James (3).jpg


Lead Guide

James has lived in Spain virtually all his life and speaks both English and fluent Spanish. Lives to show clients around the fantastic trails, seeking out the best views from the top of the biggest hills!


Molly & Freddy

LRS Canine Squad

LRS canine representatives. Will chase tennis balls, eat pretty much anything, have no road sense whatsoever and like to sit on clients... 

Moira (2).jpg


The "Real" Boss

Moira is the co-founder of LetsRide Spain and is married to Kevin. Looks after all our clients from beginning to end and makes sure all kit is sparkly clean and polished to within an inch of it's life. Favourite items are Vodka & Coke, chocolate oreos and happy customers :)



Guide/ IT Support

Nick spends time between Spain and the UK when his other job drags him back. Head of techy stuff and unofficial Chief Jetwasher, rumoured to be hiding a GS with heated grips somewhere but that's tolerated as he had a KTM first..

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