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Spain Off Road Guided Tours


As the areas where you can go off-road riding in the UK continue to decrease and, if we are honest, the weather not always being as great as it could be for riding, more and more off-roaders are looking to mainland Europe for potential places to go off-roading that are as affordable as they are enjoyable. We are delighted and proud to say that the LetsRide Spain off-road guided tours we offer deliver the perfect experience for off-road riding in Europe. Based less than 30 minutes away from the popular Malaga airport and towards the picturesque south coast of Spain, our team ensures you have the ultimate, all inclusive off-road and trail riding holiday experience.


Our tours incorporate the unique features of the environment and the area of southern Spain. With the imposing hills, the majestic pine forests and huge, expansive open plains, our off-road touring tracks and trails can provide the perfect match for you and your party, able to meet both your preferences and the level of ability and skill you have.


To ensure that your holiday is exactly what you want it to be, it is only ever you and your touring party on the trail. The LetsRide Spain off-road guided tours are not a "mix and match" of different people with different abilities - we provide guidance and support to your ideal tour, not have you just join in with what we think of as being our best tour. At LetsRide we are dedicated to facilitating the perfect touring holiday for you and your friends to enjoy and have long lasting memories of.

LetsRide Spain KTM Bikes


Whether you are an experienced off-road rider or an enthusiastic amateur keen to learn from experience we will put together for you the perfect touring experience. The LetsRide Spain off road guided tours are designed to be as complete and all encompassing as possible. To make your travel as light and easy as possible, all you really need to bring with you to our base is your passport, your Category A or A2 Motorcycle Licence, a pair of quality socks and your high enthusiasm levels. We provide everything else, from the popular KTM 250 Freeride; KTM 250 EXC 2-Stroke & KTM 350 EXC-F bikes and protective riding gear, right through to photographs, fuel, lunch and drinks.


For a unique and definitive off-road riding and touring holiday, the LetsRide Spain off-road guided tours are second to none. We provide you with the comfort, safety and freedom to ride how you want across the most beautiful part of Spain, with our guides providing all the support you need.


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