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Off Road Biking in Spain


If you are a fan of off road biking we know how frustrating it can be to indulge your fantastic hobby in the UK due to the temperamental nature of the weather. We at LetsRide Spain make it possible for all bikers to get the very best out of the wonderful terrain and weather by offering incredible off road biking in Spain.


One of the many fantastic things about our location is the fact that there are literally hundreds of kilometres of completely unrestricted trails that we have utilised for our extensive tours. We offer tours that are comprehensive and suitable for all riders. It matters not if you are a complete novice or a skilled rider we can take you on the tour that will best suit your abilities and experience. Not only will you be blown away by the idyllic country and the amazing trails you will feel the glorious rays of the sun on your back as you ride and be pleasantly encouraged by the friendly smiles and waves from the locals. It is a far cry from the wet weather walkers and grumpy farmers of the UK.

KTM Bikes


We know that when you book an off road tour with us it is likely that you have a genuine love of the activity and it is a fantastic thing to do with your friends whilst on holiday. The mixture of adventurous exercise and fun in a sunny climate is appealing to many and we know that some people are reluctant to book extra activities because they have to share the experience with a group of strangers. We guarantee that if you and your friends book a tour with us it will be just you and your friends.


We take your safety as seriously as we can and make it our central aim to ensure your well being at all times. Each bike we use is put through an uncompromising 32 point check before each individual ride and we ensure constant rigorous maintenance. Our riders are skilled and zealous enthusiasts that have been riding the terrain for years. They are completely equipped with the capabilities and knowledge of the areas to safely escort you on your tour and ensure you get the most from your experience.


If you are looking for first time, fun filled or more challenging off road biking in Spain we pledge to deliver. You bring the bike licence and energy, we will bring the expertise, the bike and the trails.


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