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LetsRide Spain KTM Bikes


Spain Dirt Biking


Do you want to try something a little different for your holiday this year? Oh sure, lazing about in the sunshine on a tropical beach has its merits, but even that has a chance to become boring, especially if you are the more active type of person. For a unique holiday that will make sure the adrenaline keeps pumping, you need to have a something action filled like dirt biking. If you still want to enjoy being in a different country for the holidays, then why not get the best of both worlds? You will find that is exactly what is offered here at LetsRide Spain.


Our main speciality here is taking a small group of people out on dirt bikes where they can enjoy some wild times in off road paradise. When it comes to action packed and fun experiences that will stay with you for the rest of your life, we know how to deliver. Even better, we are quite capable of dealing with a variety of people that are looking for a range of experiences. If you are hesitating because you have little experience dirt bike riding, then fear not. We have plenty of trails suitable for novices, just as we have some that are more suited to the skills of veteran riders.


If you are tired of British weather getting in the way of your fun, but at the same time want to do something more exciting than just lazing under the sun, then blow away all of those cobwebs with our amazingly awesome holidays! Nothing quite brings the rush quite like riding down hundreds of miles of trails with practically no restrictions! The trails themselves also have a great range of variety as well. The trails can be wet, dry rocky and steep. Enjoy winding forest paths, rivers and the bravest and daring can even attempt to conquer the many steep hills!


We don't mix groups, so it will just be you and your family and friends that can experience the fun when you book with us. Whether you want to give this holiday a try, want to brush up on your skills or learn new ones, we are here for you. You can find out more about our special offers by taking a look at the appropriate page on our website. Make sure you get in contact with us if you have anything you'd like to know!


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