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Spain Trail Biking Experience


Based in the heart of Mijas Costa with unrestricted access to a plethora of trails, we are LetsRide Spain, the only company you need for a Spain trail biking experience. We have everything from gorgeous views to comfortable accommodation and some of the best bikes that you can possibly ride. It is this that makes us perhaps the best company when it comes to biking along the trails that Spain has to offer. Cutting through forests, over steep hills, across rocky ground and over rivers, you can be guaranteed the adventure of a lifetime when you turn to us.


For many trail bikers, especially those from Britain, our services come as a breath of fresh air. Trails in Britain are often muddy and bare, clogged with rain and hampered by cold weather. You have to contend with walkers and cyclists, as well as farmers and their gates. The views are often limited and cutting across the drenched fields is not exactly rewarding. You can wave all of that goodbye when you enjoy our unrivalled hospitality. You can experience the glorious Spanish sunshine on your back, varied trails through forests, across hills and over rivers and large open spaces with some awe-inspiring views. On top of this, you get to experience hospitality from very friendly locals.


We have a choice of bikes: The powerful and rugged KTM 350 EXC-F, KTM 250 EXC 2-Stroke and the KTM 250 Freeride for those who are relative novices. We take small groups out onto the trails and take groups that have booked together. This means that it is you and your mates with no strangers in your group as other companies would force onto you. The moment that you're unleashed onto a trail, you are given our undivided attention. We will help novices improve themselves and will ensure that the veteran riders are pushed to the limits. We will take you onto trails where you can experience some of the best views and best riding of your life. Everyone of every possible skill level will benefit greatly from what we can offer.

LetsRide Spain KTM Bikes


After your experience of Spain trail biking has finished for the day, you can relax at your hotel, close to the seafront in the heart of Fuengirola, a beautiful town with excellent nightlife, packed markets and a beautiful beach. There is a plethora of activities nearby including deep sea fishing, horse riding and surfing, making it perfect for those who want to go on the ultimate holiday.


We have received good reviews for our hospitality and our legion of satisfied customers will gladly attest to the quality of the services that we provide. Our reviews on TripAdvisor and Facebook are constantly praising our hospitality and the adventures that they get to experience. Our packages start from just 715€ per rider for 2 day’s riding with three nights accommodation. This includes everything that you need for the experience including full protective riding gear, bike hire, a backpack with essential tools and water, a full tank of fuel and refills and much more.


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