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Spain Enduro


Off-road biking is a great way to experience parts of Spain that you wouldn't commonly see. Most visitors go to popular tourist destinations or stick to the coast to enjoy the warm weather. This is all well and good if you are looking for rest and relaxation but may struggle to satisfy travellers seeking adventure. If you're looking for an exhilarating day out during your holiday, or an extended vacation to explore the Spanish countryside on two wheels, LetsRide Spain has the perfect services for you.


At LetsRide Spain we strive to deliver the most personal service possible and only take small groups out riding to ensure that everybody has a great time. We offer off-road experiences for new and experienced riders alike, even offering training to help visitors build confidence and feel comfortable on the bikes. All you need is a bike licence; we provide everything else you could need to have a great adventure. We can even arrange accommodation.

LetsRide Spain KTM Bikes


Our professional instructors are all riders themselves so you can expect the best standards of service. We have an intimate knowledge of local trails around our base in Fuengirola. Before we take a group out we like to learn their skill level and match it to a suitable trail. The diverse landscape of Southern Spain means you have the option to ride through beautiful countryside filled with farms and breathtaking sights. More adventurous groups can try trails through woodland, up mountainsides and across rivers. We can even provide off-trail trips for experienced endurance riders.


LetsRide Spain is proud to offer custom package deals to suit the needs of travellers. You can choose how many days of riding you want, accommodation, airport or hotel transfers, tuition if required and several other things. We can include everything in the package so you don't need to worry about additional costs or having to organise your own bookings. It is incredibly easy to book with us and we always strive to deliver an enjoyable experience.


Whether you're looking for a single day of riding to end your trip or several days to experience the beautiful countryside, we can arrange it for you. If you want a challenge we can offer mountainside trails and full blown Spain Enduro rides. To enquire about our great services please complete the enquiry form on our website. Alternatively, please find the information on our contact page and call us in the UK or Spain. You can also reach us by emailing with details of your needs.


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