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Adventure tour with overnight stop away from base

Reintroduced for 2023 due to popular demand !

Our inland adventure tour is a guided 2 day tour with one overnight stop away from home base. On this tour we cover a slightly greater distance than a regular tour day, the riding is a little less technical (more flowing dust roads) further up into a mountainous area with natural lakes.

Arrival and last day will be in our usual hotel in Fuengirola, for the overnight stop you will just need to bring a small bag for a few overnight clothes, toiletries etc which we will transfer to the overnight stop for you whilst you are out riding.

On the second day, we will work our way back through more fantastic scenery back down towards the coast and back to home base.


This is an ideal tour for those who would prefer a day more oriented towards 'trail' type riding or would just like to see the different scenery as we move up towards the El Chorro Lakes areas.


Please note the Inland Adventure tour is for a minimum of 4 riders and may not be exclusive to one group.

As the inland overnight hotel has a smaller number of rooms the overnight stay will be twin occupancy. You do not have to check out of your normal hotel for the overnight stay.


As with our regular tours, our only aim is to ensure you have a thoroughly enjoyable trail biking experience with us & want to come back for more!

We will still be on hand to offer you tips & advice on body position, riding while standing, braking and cornering techniques, climbs and descents, should you require it.

And of course all pictures taken during your tour by the guides will be sent onto you at no extra cost.

Typical Itinerary - Inland Tour


Arrive Malaga airport, we'll pick you up and take you to your hotel in Fuengirloa, relax, grab a bite and a few beers, and get ready to ride !


Hotel Pickup at 09:30 where you will be brought to our base and kitted out with all you need includling your fully prepped bike !


Start winding our way out inland with our knowledgable guides, lunch stop is included in the tour.



Stop in a quaint hotel in the small town of Ardales near El Chorro and the Lakes. Your overnight bag will have been delivered for you.


We will collect your overnight bag from you after breakfast, then more trails and fantastic scenery (with lunch again) as you work your way down back towards home base and t.he coast


Arrive back at our base at the end of day two, where a cold beer (or two) and chilled soft drinks await before we take you back to your main Fuengirola hotel


For the more adventurous member(s) of the party, we might make a couple of route diversions and give them a few challenges as the mountain terrain varies from woodland trails, where we can have a bit of a blast, to the more challenging rocky tracks.


For those of you who want to take in the fantastic scenery, that’s just fine by us - we will allow plenty of time to admire the stunning views and of course, take photos, just to make the guys back home wish they had come along too!


We guarantee you really will see parts of Spain that are only accessible by off road motorcycle.


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